Face Your Fears

Mrs.Riggall’s Fiery Chilli Rum is a great but very hot 37.5% smooth rum. See below for some recipes for cocktails. Mrs.Riggall’s Sipping Spirits are setting you a hot challenge. We want you to post your ‘reaction video’ to our super hot Fiery Chilli Rum. You’ve probably already seen Jordan and Joe vid. So here is how it works.

You purchase from the online shop a 50ml miniature bottle of chilli rum and we’ll send it out to you. You post a video on our Facebook or Instagram pages and we’ll send you a free 200ml bottle of the Mrs.Riggall’s Traditional Sipping Spirit Fiery Chilli Rum. If the video is abusive, offensive etc we’ll delete the post and not send you a free bottle. You know the score.

    How it works

    Complete the form below and go to shop via this link to buy a 50ml bottle of Mrs.Riggall’s Fiery Chilli Rum. The minature will cost you £3 plus postage. When the bottle arrives set up the video and introdcue yourself or even better a couple or group.

    The video should last between 10 and 40 seconds. Find the Chilli Rum Challenge post on Facebook (search mrsriggalls) like it and add ‘Here’s my Chilli Rum Challenge Video #chillrumchallenge’

    Then attach your video and post. Make sure we can tie up the purchase and the video so we know where to send the Free rum to. Normal conditions apply you must be over 18 and always drink resposibly.

      Warning This is EXTREMELY hot

      If you do not like spicy food and drinks do not try this challenge.

      Complete the form opposite then follow this link


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